Our company, T&C Management was created in 2005, after forty years of independent self-management experience, we strive to be the premiere Income Residential Property Management Company in the industry, maximizing client profitability, enhancing communities’ economic value through good stewardship practices, and enhancing tenant experience through core values of integrity, reliability, and quality of service.

Our Social Responsibility is one of our key pillars, focusing on those less fortunate. We are the prime contractor for The Neighborhood Stabilization Program’s whose objectives were to purchase and renovate foreclosed properties transforming the abandoned units into quality affordable housing, while re-vitalizing local neighborhoods, by creating safe housing at economical rates. Our clients include Catholic Charities, St. Martin’s, Heading Home, to name, a few.

In addition, we focus on the staging of properties enhancing livability and property values. Our staff is trained on professionally staging units for quick occupancy and rental, and quickly engaging rental clients and introducing them to our rental campus environment which consists of over 200 individual properties throughout Albuquerque and surrounding communities. We are your one stop shop, able to assist in acquisitions, financial analysis of the asset, repair, management, and liquidation.

New Mexico Uniform Owner-Tenant Relations Act

The purpose of the Uniform Owner-Resident Relations Act [47-8-1 to 47-8-51 NMSA 1978] is to simplify, clarify, modernize and revise the law governing the rental of dwelling units and the rights and obligations of owner and resident, and to encourage the owners and the residents to maintain and improve the quality of housing in New Mexico.   Chap. 47, Art. 8, §47-8-2.

It can be found on line at http://laws.uslandlord.com/laws/nmstatelaw.html

New Mexico Real Estate Commission

The mission of the New Mexico Real Estate Commission is to protect the public and enhance the professional competence of real estate brokers. The New Mexico Real Estate Commission was created by state law in 1959 and charged with enforcing the Real Estate License Law and the Real Estate Commission Rules.

The real estate industry in New Mexico is one of the largest economic activities in the state. Through upturns and downturns, real estate professionals in New Mexico remain committed to the highest standards in professionalism.

The New Mexico Real Estate Commission website can be found at  http://www.rld.state.nm.us/boards/real_estate_commission.aspx

The New Mexico Real Estate License Law  and Real Estate Commission Rules can be found on line at